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Possibilities & risks of adding a term to a subaccount with courses in it?

Question asked by Gerdien Schriek on Nov 20, 2019
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Since we are working on automation and will start having a connection between our SIS (Osiris) and Canvas, the SIS admin asked us to set up terms that match those in Osiris. Unfortunately, we have no terms set up other than the default term for our current subaccounts and courses.
This will mean that we will have to add terms and ideally apply those terms to subaccounts with existing courses whereas the guide describes terms will have to be added before there are courses in the account.


Is it possible to change courses from the default term to a newly added term and what is the risk if doing so?
It will probably be only for the courses of this academic year and we are currently not really making use of terms in grading book, analytics, reports etc. Starting academic year 2020/2021 we will have everything in place before courses are added.


Would love to hear your experience with this,


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