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Long question title problem

Question asked by Evan Peterson on Nov 18, 2019
Latest reply on Nov 18, 2019 by Evan Peterson

This is more of a found bug than a question. 

I have discovered that if there is a 273 character entry into the title box, that the question will look like it's saving on the question editing page (no errors).  But when you go to preview, the question will not have saved.

I know the best practices is to not have a paragraph sized question title.  However, Canvas should not allow you to enter a title that is so long it breaks the functionality.  


I wanted to make people aware that it's an issue (hopefully not many of you will stumble upon).


To duplicate the problem,

  • create a quiz
  • go to questions
  • create a question (any type, I tested essay and multiple choice)
  • Paste in a 273 characters into the title box (the limit may be less)
  • "Update" the question
  • Save and publish
  • Preview 

The question will not be there.