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Automatically/Manually vs. Hide/Show

Question asked by Cliff Cunningham on Nov 18, 2019
Latest reply on Dec 9, 2019 by Erin Hallmark

Can you clarify a point of confusion:


In my testing, I have done this:

1)  Set an assignment Grade Posting Policy to "Manually".

2)  Entered/edited grades.

3)  Hit "Post Grades".


So far, so good. Everything behaves as it should. The grades were hidden, during enter/edit. Then, the grades became visible to the students once I posted.




However... at this moment, the word "Manually" still appears in the header. But, when I enter new grades, or edit existing grades again... those changes are now automatically posted.


Am I seeing that right? Even though I have chose "Manually", that does not (at this point) mean that I truly have "manual" control over the visibility of my grade. Yes, the assignment is set to "Manually"... but, since my most recent action was to "Post Grades"... that opens the spigot (as it were). (Right?) At this moment, it seems all of my new and edited grades are automatically posting for students to see.


Is that right?


If so... that is a MAJOR conceptual breakthrough for me. I misunderstood how far-reaching the term "manually" was extending. Maybe, I am not the only one hung up on this element.


Thx for any clarification.