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New Quizzes:  Why does it show a checkmark when I still need to grade questions?

Question asked by Stephanie Bridge on Nov 17, 2019
Latest reply on Nov 17, 2019 by James Jones

In LEGACY quizzes when grading via speedgrader their is a dot next to student names in the drop down menu who need work graded and a checkmark next to those you have finished. I love this!


In NEW quizzes, even if the quiz has a mix of multiple choice which are autograded AND short response, it always shows a checkmark.  I sometimes miss grading some student's short responses because if I can't do them all in one sitting its hard to remember where I left off in a list of 80+ students.


Is there an way of looking at the drop down menu to find out which are REALLY totally graded and which I still need to review?


ALSO... @James Jones or anyone script there a way to make the blue box at the top where it lists the 

"Questions 19 need reviewed" a link so you can click and go straight to question 19 without having to scroll down pages to review that question.