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Using Canvas for State Testing Communications

Question asked by Michelle Blackwell on Nov 18, 2019
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My school is new to Canvas and we are wondering if other schools might be using Canvas for state testing in some way? Our school is virtual for all students K-12 but we meet face-to-face for state testing each year. We set up about 50 sites across the state so I am thinking we might create a testing course in Canvas with sections for each test site but then again, we would like to have accommodations in a section so maybe we would create each site as its own course with accommodations in sections by group? We used to use a program called Testing Nirvana to communicate with staff and families regarding testing. Testing Nirvana would allow teachers to view students assigned to their site for testing, their grade level, accommodations if any, which tests the student needed to complete, if they were to test in the morning or the afternoon session, etc. For parents, Testing Nirvana would allow them to receive their site assignment information, time, day, accommodations etc. We also had another program we used to email families more information to prepare for this face-to-face administration. As you can imagine, communication is KEY when a completely virtual school needs to go on-site for testing. We need affirmations and confirmations galore. 

Would love to chat with someone who uses Canvas for state testing and what you have learned so far!