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Can't submit assignments anymore?

Question asked by Mia Zuchlewski on Nov 18, 2019
Latest reply on Nov 18, 2019 by Nick Wilson

This is my third year using Canvas and the first two years everything has been fine. Beginning this fall semester my canvas on my laptop has been messed up. (This is the same laptop I've used the entire time) First when I go to my dashboard my current courses never load. So I go in from the courses section. My second problem is that when I open up an assignment it doesn't give me the submit assignment option or the option to type anything in a text-box and I know every other student has that option so it isn't the instructors settings. I have been emailing my assignments in. Lastly certain files or sections aren't even there, grades, or syllabus or a whole file, they're just blank. I think it's something with my laptop or the settings on it because when I log into my canvas on the library computer I have none of these problems. Please help, thank you!