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Canvas or LTI options to support missing Moodle tools....

Question asked by Tonia Malone on Nov 21, 2019
Latest reply on Dec 15, 2019 by Bobby Pedersen


I have a couple of faculty who use the …


  • Calculated multiple choice
  • Embedded answers (cloze)
  • Wildcards
  • Randomize from question bank


…question types/tools in Moodle. We will move a Canvas campus by Fall 2020.


Do you know of any 3rd party tools or other options to allow these faculty to use Canvas like they currently do?


These are very robust quizzes that have a different question for each student each time they take it. These faculty have seen an improvement in their exam grades based on the practice opportunities these quizzes provide. I really don’t want to tell them they have to stop providing their students effective formative assessments and I would like to know if there are ANY options (free or not) that may work.


Thank you for your time,


Tonia Malone
Instructional Designer / LMS Administrator