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CANVAS Integration Questions (Certification and API)

Question asked by Dominik Fischer on Nov 20, 2019
Latest reply on Nov 21, 2019 by Michael Zimmerman



I´m partially responsible for our learning environment as of now and I have a few questions about canvas in general that I hope to get answered since it´s rather confusing to me right now.


1) Our IT Department is in charge of the admin role, but we need to hand out certifications to the users if they complete a course. Is that possible without admin rights? (My role only allows me to make new courses, but there´s no option in the dashboard/ "admin" board that allows me to integrate certifications

Is that due to the fact that we use canvas LSM and certifications are integrated into catalog or do I need to contact our IT Department in order to get that going?


2) We use Trivantis Lectora 18 to produce Micro Content for Canvas LMS. Said Micro Content is implemented into our canvas courses afterwards. Is there a way to get variables like student_name from canvas and show it in our Micro Content generated by Lectora?

I´ve read that in order to for example get student name you need to implement JS into the general canvas environment. that´s not possible at all. I´m also aware that external content is rather sandboxy and not able to communicate between each other, but isn´t something like that possible via xAPI?


Some of these questions may sound rather stupid to you folks, but I´m currently trying to get an overview over what we´re able to do. Go easy on me please