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LTI 1.3 Launch Params .

Question asked by Anurag Biradar on Nov 22, 2019

On canvas Lti 1.3 Launch we are getting only few request params e.g; iss, login_hint, client_id ,target_link_uri ,lti_message_hint and canvas_region
but other request params which lti defines on LTI 1.3 tool launch  which are 


   "iss": "",
  "sub": "a6d5c443-1f51-4783-ba1a-7686ffe3b54a",
  "aud": ["962fa4d8-bcbf-49a0-94b2-2de05ad274af"],
  "exp": 1510185728,
  "iat": 1510185228,
  "azp": "962fa4d8-bcbf-49a0-94b2-2de05ad274af",
  "nonce": "fc5fdc6d-5dd6-47f4-b2c9-5d1216e9b771",
  "name": "Full Name",
  "given_name": "First Name",
  "family_name": "Last Name",
  "middle_name": "Middle Name",
  "picture": "",
  "email": "",
  "locale": "en-US"  etc.

                                  not receiving on tool launch .


URL :-  Full Lti 1.3 Params IMS Global


is any configuration part required on canvas developer key which has generated for LTI 1.3 to receive in request params on launch ?