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Are there Alternate Ways to View Accounts that Admins are Enrolled in?

Question asked by Jared Biggi on Nov 22, 2019
Latest reply on Nov 23, 2019 by James Jones

I am a student developer creating an analytics LTI app and need to be able to see which accounts an admin is enrolled in to determine the level of access they should have to the data sitting in the backend of my application.  I believe I need the permission to add/remove admins to view the API endpoint at /v1/accounts/{account_id}/admins, which should give me what I need, but my boss wants me to first explore alternate ways to retrieve admin enrollments.  Is there a way I can either retrieve an environment variable from the LTI that gives the enrolled account(s) for an admin or a different endpoint that will give me the information I need and doesn't require additional admin privileges with that level of power?  I should also note that I am an account admin within a single sub-account of the root account that is different from my major, so I can see account admin pages relative to the account that I am enrolled in, but not other sub-accounts.