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Academic Integrity, Lockdown Browser, and Teacher Permissions

Question asked by Emily Pulham on Nov 25, 2019

Our current way to prevent cheating on tests and quizzes in Canvas is:

  1. IP Address Filtering -- students can only take designated quizzes in our Testing Centers
  2. Lockdown Browser -- this is enabled per test in Canvas


Recently, we have had issues with instructors lifting these integrity measures selectively, and we can't have that. It's too risky now to assume that all instructors will actually comply with these security measures.


We are considering changing their permissions in Canvas to take away ability to edit/add/delete Assignments + Quizzes, so they cannot determine whether there is an IP filter on a test or quiz. We also want to limit their ability to add/edit/delete LTIs, so that Lockdown Browser can only be edited/added by a program director or OTL or the Testing Center. 


When I turn off LTI permissions for instructors in our beta/test instance, it still allows me to add some LTIs, and edit the information in Lockdown Browser. 


Has anyone else had this issue? Do I need to delete the Lockdown Browser button from Navigation and then re-install it after I change the teacher permissions? 

Analize Chavez

Stefanie Sanders

Kona Jones