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Gradebook tracking and updating

Question asked by Tom Foltz on Nov 26, 2019

I did not find anyplace to communicate regarding the new changes in Canvas Grades.... How can I private message?


1) Does the new Canvas allow RESETTING of changed grades for a specific student?  That is, if I inadvertently change the points of Joe Doe from 72 to 51 and then I later notice the error can I select "Reset" to reset the 51 to the original 72?  I don't want to have to remember to reset Joe Doe, Jane Doesick, Frederick Frundy etc.   Just one-and-done!


2) Also, I received the following...

Not Found

The item does not exist. It may have been deleted.

on jivedocs instructure.  ......  Not good.


3) What improvement(s) have been made to upload grades from an Excel *.xlsx format into Canvas? 

4) Can I selectively import grades so that I don't have to double-enter data?  If yes, then does the Canvas Grades "Change Tracker" track the changes? 


5) What if I want a mass reset back to a specific date either after an import/update or after a set of changes to the Gradebook for set of students in a course?  Is this supported?