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Session-less Launch in Assignments - External Tools API

Question asked by Learning Systems on Nov 24, 2019
Latest reply on Nov 27, 2019 by Stuart Ryan

Hey all,


We noticed a weird issue in regards to creating a session-less launch for external tools in assignments.


Attempting a session-less launch for an external tool with file upload assignments as shown below:

Results in an error which seems to be caused by the external tools API:

GET /api/v1/courses/123/external_tools/sessionless_launch?id=1234&launch_type=assessment&assignment_id=123456&url=



{"errors":{"assignment_id":[{"attribute":"assignment_id","type":"The assignment must have an external tool tag",
"message":"The assignment must have an external tool tag"}]}}

To fix this error, we found that changing the Assignment Submission to "External Tools" then 
choosing an external tool (TurnItIn in this case) as shown below:

And then saving changes, then reverting these changes as shown below:

Then finally saving the assignment, seems to enable a session-less launch to be created for the
same external tool

GET /api/v1/courses/123/external_tools/sessionless_launch?id=1234&launch_type=assessment&assignment_id=123456&url=



The external tool we are trying to create a session-less launch for has been configured in the
account level.

That said however, we expose this external tool in the course nav through the XML configuration,
and we create the session-less launch in the course level, with the launch type of "assessment"
as this gives us access to the custom field of "due_at" which is required by the external tool
we are trying to launch.

Has there been anyone else that has had to create a session-less launch (with assessment launch type) for an external tool for an assignment and was able to do so without first changing the submission type of an assignment to an external tool, before changing it back to an online upload?

Alternatively, does anyone know of any other way to work around this rather than having to manually change the submission types?