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"This course" [html] in Building templates

Question asked by laurent veys on Nov 25, 2019




What a great community!


We are only just getting started with Canvas and I would need to build a template for our school.

I was wondering if there is some kind of "this" variable or method that I could use for making the course template html.


I would need a way to show the "dashboard image" of a module in that page. Not with the ID of this course fixed, but on a way that it works for all courses. 

<img src="link to the img of the current course" alt="course banner"/>


I also would place some buttons on the start page that replace the standard course menu. So, i was wondering if this was possible.


Not a link to:


but to:


Is this possible / How?


Thanks in advance for the help!


Laurent from Belgium



PS: if somebody has some nice examples of templates: feel free to share!