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Using learning outcomes in different courses

Question asked by Didem Yesil on Nov 27, 2019
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Hi everyone,


Let me tell you the challenge I am having on Canvas. I created this X course on Canvas and created the learning outcomes & assessed the students on these outcomes. Then, Y course has just started and want to use some of the learning outcomes I used in the X course for the Y course. But I realised that I made this mistake that I created those learning outcomes at the course level, not at the school level. Now I cannot use these same outcomes in the Y course. The thing is If I create the same outcomes for the Y course there will be a duplicate of them. What I would like to have instead is the continuation of the mastery levels in the next course. I want the mastery skills to build up over the year across multiple courses. 


I am aware of the mistake - should have created them at the school level. However, does anybody know any other way to transfer those outcomes with the existing student mastery data (there are evaluations in the X course) to other courses and have the mastery levels continue to build as if in the same course. Or perhaps is there another way to fix it that I am missing?


Thanks a lot,