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Not clear (incomplete) information displayed on Canvas

Question asked by Bill Chau on Nov 26, 2019
Latest reply on Nov 27, 2019 by Stefanie Sanders

Hello Canvas,


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I was going to rollover / copy an updated course (C6130, 2020) to a blank one (C6131, 2020) (which is identical to the updated one).  These two identical courses are in two different programs (C6130 and C6131).


When I was going to choose the updated one from the "Import Contents" page in the blank one, two identical descriptions of the course were shown.  I had no clue to identify which one is the updated one and which one is the blank one.  Please refer to the self-explanatory screen shot enclosed.


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On the course home page (all other courses), the program code (e.g. C6130) is not shown.  In the past, this program code was shown right on the home page for easy and clear identification.


Please fix these two issues at your earliest convenience.  Please do not ask / suggest me to post these questions to your discussion forum. 


Thank you for your attention.