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soporte tecnico

Question asked by neydi betzabe garcia ramirez on Nov 28, 2019
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hola, me comunico porque sigue fallando la plataforma, y tengo que juntar 100 horas minimo ahorita en promedio en mi grupo llevan 60 y yo solo tengo treinta, me preocupa porque apesar de que abro la plataforma en mi casa, no cuenta las horas, no se si sea posible que me sumen las horas que me faltan o tengan alguna otra solucion, agradezco su tiempo y por favor ayuda.


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Subject: technical support

Message: hello, I communicate because the platform continues to fail, and I have to gather a minimum of 100 hours right now on average in my group they have been 60 and I am only thirty, I am worried because despite the fact that I open the platform in my house, it does not count the hours, no I know if it is possible for me to add the hours that I am missing or have some other solution, I appreciate your time and please help.