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Are instructor views of discussions student- or contribution-specific?

Question asked by Birgit Jensen on Dec 4, 2019
Latest reply on Dec 5, 2019 by Birgit Jensen

Old question (answered):

In my discussions, I want my students to respond to my question and then have each student interact with five other (auto-assigned) discussants. My course has 150 students, so I cannot read all contributions.

Is there a way to auto-grade that

1. a student has posted ---AND---

2. s/he has replied to 5 others?


Edit: I just realized that there is no auto-grading of discussions. So I will have to click on each student's discussion to see whether s/he has responded. Disappointing. In a class of 150, that hampers my teaching style since I obviously cannot foster that much interactivity and hand-grade it.


New question:

How will I see whether the individual student also replied to five others' posts? Could someone please share a screenshot?

This is what I anticipate:

1. Each student's contributions are student-specific. I click on a student, see his/her initial post and below that, what else the student has written (to others) --- OR ---

2. Each student's contributions are posting-specific. I click on a student, see his/her initial post and below it, the five responses to that initial post.