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File views/downloads within Live Events

Question asked by Patricia Goldweic on Dec 6, 2019
Latest reply on Dec 11, 2019 by Patricia Goldweic

I'm interested in confirming some assumptions about how file views and downloads (for individual files) are represented -or not- in Live Events (both formats), specifically:


1- It appears to me that in both cases, there is no information whatsoever about file views (even though in theory there *could* potentially be (for example, in the Caliper formatted events, one could use the 'NavigatedTo' event to represent such file view data). 

2- While it is clear to me that file downloads *are* represented in the Raw Live Event format (see table in asset_accessed event : type, subtype and triggers  suggesting this), it is not clear whether the Caliper formatted events (with an action type of 'NavigatedTo', and an asset_type of 'attachment') represent the same information or not. (there's no documentation I could find on this, but I theorize that this is likely the case).  


And finally a question: 

Is it safe to assume that the totality of file downloads is in fact represented by live events in each of the formats?

(in other words, would it be safe to depend on live events ONLY to find all such downloads?)