Rebecca Penina Simon

What do you do with accounts for students and teachers who leave your school?

Discussion created by Rebecca Penina Simon on Dec 6, 2019
Latest reply on Dec 6, 2019 by Audra Agnelly

I am curious to know what you admins do for the following groups of Canvas users:


1) Students who have been expelled from your school (therefore will not likely return)

2) Students who willingly leave your school and could possibly return

3) Students who graduate

4) Teachers who leave your school


Currently, there is an option to delete a user from the account but not to suspend or disable a user.  What we do to a student who leaves the school is "disable" the account by adding the word "disable" in front of the student's login name.  Even though the students won't be able to access their accounts because the login has changed, the account is still in our system.  


As far as those students who graduate, do you keep their accounts in the system or do you delete them?  If you keep them, how long do you keep them for before deleting them or disabling them?


So I am wondering what you do in the above situations.  Thanks so much.