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EDU Login?

Question asked by Kelvin Baker on Dec 7, 2019
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I've been a teacher since 1989 with various Universities, Institutes and Colleges.


My current canvas login is linked to the University I presently work at.

I have however given notice as I'm moving overseas and am in a transition period to what I envisage will be another job in another University, Institute or College. However, as my current University will close my email account I expect I will also lose access to my canvas account at a time where I really need it as evidence of the number of courses I have developed and delivered utilising canvas as the LMS.


Heck, I might even end up inspiring more users if they are not yet using canvas.


Is there some way I could use my personal email as my login until I get a new EDU account or some other way of keeping it open for me?


Please help?

Dr Kelvin Baker