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I got two Canvas accounts in the same email; can't seem to log in.

Question asked by Darin Shim on Dec 8, 2019

So, I basically have 2 different canvas accounts from school, one for active school, and another at the same time for extra online school so that I can miss some of my early classes. I am in Jordan School district and use . Before this, I had saved password for online canvas on another computer, and my school-provided chromebook also has the password saved, and I forgot both of them. It worked fine, since the password was probably different and maybe registered as different accounts, and could access both accounts through different devices. But now I try to log in with a different laptop, as I forgot the password, I reset the password by using the "forgot password". Sending the "You requested a confirmation of your password for logging into Canvas.

This address is associated with the login, "".

Click here to set a new password"   to my school email. 

I clicked the link and changed the password, but it turns out I changed the school canvas account instead of the online school account, and since I don't know the password for the Online school canvas account, and I can't reset the password, I can't access that account. What should I do? Is there a way to get that account back? (I have some urget missing work to do, yet I can't talk to my counselor or the district administrator since it is a weekend. If this could be solved quickly it would be very nice. Thank you!