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Using instUI with React Boiler Plate

Question asked by Terry Gleason on Dec 13, 2019
Latest reply on Dec 13, 2019 by Terry Gleason

Who should I direct my questions to regarding instUI?  I am able to use the boiler plate create-react-app and post to localhost:3000. However when I try to use creating a starter app from instructure-ui : UI libraries made by Instructure Inc. (6.15.0)  I am getting one error after another. I am using Visual Studio Code and I am using both Mac and Windows.


I am creating a repository on .git and I plan to upload to Heroku to see if I can add something to Canvas. I am just wondering if someone has published a better way!? 


I am not finding a way to create the LTI connectors I need to add the app to Canvas as an LTI.  Is there discussion available now or ???