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Help with higher education measures

Discussion created by Jennifer Melton on Dec 18, 2019

First, I am going to admit that I am not fluent in using Canvas data or Power BI that we are trying to set up at our university. I have more experience with Excel, so if I use the wrong terminology, please forgive me now.

The situation that I find myself in is that as a data analyst for my university curriculum development team, I am trying to learn how to use canvas data to get information about how students are doing in our courses. In an attempt to collect information such as:

  • Completion Rate of course or section of courses
  • What is the average of the students for each week?
  • Show a chart with the percentage of each grade earned in the class
  • Breakdown of each grade earned in each section
  • What is the percentage of zero’s (non-participating) in each task?
  • The participation rate of each task
  • Completion rate of sections compared to the participation rate
  • The participation rate of each section

In the process of attempting to come up with measures that will give me the information above, I have started by breaking these into manageable portions. For example, to get the completion rate of a section I have:

Completion Rate = Divide(Calculate([# of passing students]), Calculate([# of Students])

# of passing students = Countrows(Filter(course_score_fact, course_score_fact[final score]>=60))

# of Students= Calculate(Countrows(course_score_fact),enrollment_dim[workflow state]=”active”, enrollment_dim[type]=”StudentEnrollment”)

What I am finding difficult is computing the average of the tasks that consist of each week. For example: Week One discussion, Week One assignment, and Week One assessment. I am also trying to do the average of the daily checkpoints. And the reason for my confusion is that when it comes to the names of the tasks in the assignment_dim, there are 110,353 different names. I don’t know how to limit that down to the few tasks that would give me the items for a particular section.


The other question I have involves how to filter my information down to the course and/or section of a course that I want to focus my data on. Presently I am using the drillthrough to do this. I have found that by using the drillthrough, I can see the courses in the correct module, and then I can select all the sections to use in the data fields. Can I get your opinion if this is the best way, or is there another way to do this that is more effective?