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How to NOT use percentages at all in Grader????

Question asked by KELLY HALL on Dec 24, 2019
Latest reply on Jan 2, 2020 by Michael Zimmerman
There are just too many instructions and info and I can't follow ... but I already know Canvas grader and watched the great video... so have very good idea about the changes.
One question that I hope you have good answer for... (I know horrible grammar!):
I do NOT use percentages when I grade. NOT. Only points... and the points move all thru the semester because I add and change things ... like in life!
Can I get the percentage thingie to turn off??? In the old one, there was just one column of it and I was told it cannot be turned off (I am at College of the Desert, CA). What about now... can it? Because in the video, there were some 3-5 columns of percentages and my students will either panic and bother me over and over ... or just give up!!
Is this the only place I get an answer? Can you also cc my email so I can get the answer while away from computer but with phone? Email is user name:
Thanks, again.