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Increasing Teacher Participation

Discussion created by Aaron Lunsford Champion on Jan 3, 2020
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I am in my first year as a Canvas admin in a district of 11,000 students and 500 + teachers.  This year my focus has been on the three intermediate/middle schools (1200 +/- students 75 +/- teachers in each building), the Career Center and the High School (3500 +/- students, 200 +/- teachers).  Canvas was adopted over the summer before I started.  I started with my district in September where the teachers had already started using Canvas.  The teachers were using Google Classroom before the move to Canvas.  The High School and Career Center have moved along using Canvas, but the idea of using it for possible eLearning days has really increased the buy in from the high school teachers.  I am struggling with the intermediate/middle schools getting them to fulling switch over to Canvas.  Being the only Canvas admin and trainer for the corporation has presented some training challenges.  My question is for those that have large districts, what strategies have you used or recommend to increase teacher buy in for intermediate/middle school teachers.  Any suggestions that you could provide would be greatly appreciated.