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Problems with New Analytics - Functions

Question asked by Dennis Foung on Jan 8, 2020

When trying out the New Analytics, having some more functions to be beneficial to users. 


(1) The filter function should allow greater flexibility

  • User should be able to remove the course average if they want to.
  • Multiple group comparisons should be allowed
  • Users should be allowed to track the usage of students / resources within any user-defined timeframe.


(2) Similar to (1), the CSV downloaded has limited information. It only contains info in the original filter. There should be more ways to manipulate the CSV as the first question. 


(3) Similar to (2), the CSV downloaded should be much more fulsome. At a minimum, the full gradebook could be included in the export (all assignments, Section IDs, etc). 


(4) Course ID can be added as the name of the exported file, "weekly_online_activity_109xc".Inside the ZIP file exported from the weekly activity page, the file name, “Student”, “Resources” and “Chart” do not help teachers know what they meant.


(5) The CSV file should vary based on the filter use (i.e. the component chosen / not chosen). The figure for each component should be available.



Hope that some of them can be addressed in the next version.