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Geolocation & User IDs in Google Analytics

Question asked by Gayle Wilson on Jan 9, 2020


I started using Google Analytics with our production site (after getting the awesome code and information from a related post - I can't remember the author, but huge thank you!) and am curious as to how I can either track users inside our Canvas site or use Analytics when attempting to find users from outside the US (or our close proximity) using our site.


I've read a lot about the various Dimesions and I can get a report with user IDs, but I'm not able to track specific geolocations and associate the ID.


I've attached an image of the Analytics Users > Geo screen. It's a little concerning since we are an independent 6-12 day school and have users from outside the US. Yes, some of our students travel and use our site to keep working, but, well, it just seems odd...