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Using Content Migrations API to copy courses w/o Announcements?

Question asked by Brandon Poulliot on Jan 13, 2020
Latest reply on Jan 16, 2020 by Jeffrey Anderson

I'm looking for a little more clarity on the Content Migrations API. I can usually rely on documentation, but for these enpoints, it's woefully lacking. I've figured out how to do a couple things thanks to a previous post about setting up Content Migrations.


  1. Start a content migration
  2. Include/exclude based on certain categories (e.g., the components listed in the copy JSON array)


Does anybody know if this can be broken down in any additional way? There are no examples of how to use the "select" parameter or how to select as you would in the UI. Does anybody have any idea of how to select specific content without object IDs? I'm hoping to write a script that will:


  1. Start a content migration
  2. Exclude Announcements
  3. Set old start date and end date
  4. Set new start date and end date


I know how to do all except number 2. Is it possible?