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Canvas data dumps: full history or delta?

Question asked by Vinh Nguyen on Jan 14, 2020
Latest reply on Jan 30, 2020 by Colin Murtaugh



I'm using the canvas-data-sdk package to download Canvas data via its API in Python.  I've been using the following commands:



canvas-data -c config.yml list-dumps # lists the daily dumps

canvas-data -c config.yml unpack-dump-files # download the latest dump files, unpack, and parse them into table files



My question is do the daily dump files contain the full history?  Or does it contain delta (daily changes)?  In some days, there are 100 files in the dump.  In others, there are 11.  Sometimes, the dump has 1 file or 130 files.


Could someone help me understand how I should interpret the data in each of the dumps?  Thank you.