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Differentiating which submission still need teacher review.

Question asked by Stephanie Bridge on Jan 20, 2020
Latest reply on Feb 12, 2020 by Stephanie Bridge

I am using the new gradebook.  I am struggling keeping track of which students I have reviewed and finished grading (because they have essay/questions that the teacher must review) versus those which have only had the auto-graded questions reviewed.

In speedgrader the menu of students ALL have checkmarks.  I understand this means the computer/Canvas has graded all of the multiple choice etc.  This is a "new quiz" created through the assignments area. 


In the gradebook view it looks like this:

I can guess by the numbers that those I circled in blue are REALLY done being graded, that I have reviewed them, and those in red still need reviewed by me.  


If this was NOT a quiz, it would show the submission icon in the gradebook until I reviewed and graded it.  AND in the speedgrader they would have circles next to the names until I submitted a score and THEN it would change to a checkmark.


Has anyone found a way to keep track?  I can't always grade all 79 in one sitting and I have missed reviewing some students quizzes by accident resulting in them having their "essay" questions not graded and lower scores.


Looking for suggestions.


Thank you