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LTI 1.1 Available in Modules but not in Assignments

Question asked by Matthew Buckett on Jan 23, 2020

When you install a LTI 1.1 tool it is selectable as an External Tool from both the Modules and Assignments. I have a tool that I would like to only be selectable in the Modules Tool. I can stop the tool appearing in both Modules and Assignments by setting it's not_selectable flag to true:

curl -X PUT -Fnot_selectable=true

However if I then try to explicitly add the too to appear when selecting in the Modules with:

curl -X PUT -Flink_selection[enabled]=true

it appears in the Modules tool, however when you select it the URL doesn't get filled and there is an error in the console. Has anyone managed to configure an LTI 1.1 tool in this way?


NB: LTI 1.3 is fine here as you have explicitly state all the placements.