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How to give every student the same grade for an "essay" question

Question asked by Fabian P on Jan 26, 2020
Latest reply on Apr 15, 2020 by Peter Selkin

I have an orientation quiz with:

  • four multiple choice questions, 1 point each
  • four essay questions, 0 points each. Those were just feedback opportunities that can't be right or wrong, which is why I assigned 0 points to each.

I would like to post the grades, but it seems that Canvas requires me to manually go into every single students four essay submissions and type a zero into the "--/0" box. Otherwise canvas treats the quiz as ungraded and I can't post the grades.


The problem is that my course has 800 students. So Now I would have to go to 3200 boxes in speed grader to assign 0/0 to each essay question before I can send students their grades.


Am I missing an option/setting here? I really just want every student to get 0/0 for those essay questions and post the grades. But I couldn't find an option to just give every student the same points for a question.


Besides that, shouldn't a question that is worth 0 points be autograded as 0 by Canvas anyways?


Thanks for your help!