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Archiving/roll-over procedures

Discussion created by Mari-Cruz Garcia on Jan 28, 2020
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I am looking into archiving procedures for our VLE platform. As we are a university originally born in Scotland but now with 5 global campuses, I thought that the best way of creating a hierarchical structure which is not Anglo-centric would be having:

`-The root account

-1 sub account per school (School of Social Sciences, School of Maths, etc...)

-and then within each sub-account I am not sure if it would be useful to have sub-accounts by programmes or departments.


In a Moodle site, I would create a hidden category called "Archive" and at the end of each academic year, I would run a php script to move the courses to that category and to change the role of students to "archieve students" so that they could still have access to their courses for a limited period of time but without being able to write o modify anything. That is what I did in the sites that I administered.


I read in the documentation that in Canvas, course can be manually "concluded" and that you can set up a date to limit students access. However, I understand that you can also automatise this process. 

In your Canvas sites, how do you do the archiving and roll-over of courses,

  • do you move them to a specific sub-account called "Archive courses" or do you conclude manually your courses and keep them within the sub-accounts that they were created in (assuming that you have sub-accounts and still use the concept of academic year)?
  • What kind of procedures have you implemented to automatise the archiving of old courses?


Many thanks for the information and advice that you can give me.

Mari Cruz