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How to store canvas data directly in sharepoint or azure database

Question asked by aakash raj gajula on Feb 2, 2020

Hi Canvas Team,


I'm planning to do power bi reports using canvas data. Using Canvas Data CLI tool data is storing in local pc, is there any way to store data in SharePoint or azure database directly.


module.exports = {  
  saveLocation: '/Users/PandaUser/Desktop/canvas_data/dataFiles', 
  unpackLocation: '/Users/PandaUser/Desktop/canvas_data/unpackedFiles',
  apiUrl: '', 
  key: ''<your_canvas_data_key>'' , 
  secret: ''<your_canvas_data_secret>'', 


if we use the above code data will store on a local desktop, I want to store it in the online database directly or SharePoint. Please anyone give some suggestions for creating power bi reports using canvas data.