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User Quota Questions

Discussion created by Alexander Mitchell on Feb 6, 2020
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Hello, Community!


I'm an administrator at a small Art & Design school, and we're struggling with figuring out where to cap the personal file storage for users.


As you might imagine for a school with our focus, many of our courses involve critique in an open forum. The best way to do that historically for us has been sharing embedded images in a Discussion-style setting where students can comment and reply. Unfortunately, we are quickly discovering that this approach is already taxing the limited file quota established for Users. Furthermore—embedded images at the core of graded assessments in a course are vulnerable to students deleting them at any point in the future (unlike "submitted" files).


Until recently, we were self-hosted on Blackboard, and our storage concerns were of an entirely different nature.


My questions are:

  • Where (numerically) do you set your User Quota and why?
  • If you have courses that require open critique of images online, how are you handling it?


Thanks for your help!