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API assignment due dates not overriding if assignment has section

Question asked by Bridget O'Hanlon on Feb 10, 2020

Full discloser: I am not a developer. I serve in a "course designer / administrator" role and asking this here because I am working with our developer to problem solve a due dates issue. 


We have some assignments in a course that are visible to everyone, regardless of section. Those due dates from our SIS are correct. 


We have other assignments that I have assigned to different sections, because the information is customized to that group, and our courses are taken asynchronously (hence due dates coming from the SIS). Those assignments are not populating due dates from our SIS. Our developer wonders if the section assignments are messing with the due dates override API, but that doesn't make much sense to me. I would think that the script should still be able to override a given assignment if the SIS is saying, "yes this assignment to that user with this due date" regardless of how the assignment is assigned.


What might we be missing? What additional info would be helpful in sorting this out?