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Exporting Grading Scheme grade from CANVAS to Powerschool

Question asked by Jim Walker on Feb 14, 2020
Latest reply on Feb 21, 2020 by Jim Walker

My school uses a rubric to convert raw points to a proportional grade on a 4pt scale. I have figured out how to have CANVAS do this conversion for me using a "grading scheme" option in the assignment set up instead of points or percentage. The conversion works and the accurate scores are listed in the CANVAS grade book. My problem is that when I sync the grades over to Powerschool the grade that is posted in the CANVAS gradebook doesn't copy over, rather the "raw points" on the assignment copies over instead.


How can I copy over the direct grade in CANVAS when I use a grading scheme instead of raw points? I have attached a file that illustrates my issue for clarity.


Thanks for Your Time,

Jim Walker