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Canvas looks differently... :(

Question asked by Liya Stasenko on Feb 15, 2020
Latest reply on Feb 20, 2020 by Kona Jones

What happened with Canvas ? Why am I not able to find anything today ? It was so amazing to see everything on the first landing page! Give me back my yesterday’s Canvas! Guys, are you doing Canvas for yourselves or for us, students?! It was terrible idea to change Canvas board. I can’t find anything...   I’m in a bad mood. Please, give me back my Canvas that it was for 2.5 years...  It was better! You should know that not all people have “a computer brain”, and when you change something, it brings not always good things in learning process. I have no idea how I should do my homework today . If something was PERFECT, why you changed it ?!?!?! I enjoyed using canvas alway but not today ... I attached a picture when canvas looked beautiful and was easy to be used ! Now ... I’m lost ...