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Can we have a Rubric on Discussions where peer reviewers do not use it?

Question asked by Charlene Nunes on Feb 15, 2020
Latest reply on Feb 27, 2020 by James Jones

I want to use a Rubric on a Discussion.  In the discussion I have peer reviews assigned so all posts to the discussion will get comments.  I just found out though that MY rubric is also a part of what the students have to fill out for me to see a "checkmark" on the peer review list that they completed the review. 


Is it possible for Canvas to develop the option of instructors checking a box on the type of peer review the students give (respond to their peer in the discussion, respond to their peer in the private comment/grade area, and then if we want free form comment or rubric in the private area -- meaning the instructor has their rubric, but it may not be appropriate for the students to use.)  I'm not sure if I am being clear, please ask for clarification if need be


If I don't use peer review to match up students, how do you ensure that the last couple of posts in the discussion will get peer comments?


Thank you in advance!