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Problems with muting assignments using new Grade Book

Question asked by Tim Bednall on Feb 19, 2020

Hi folks, I have a question about the new Canvas API.


I am trying to upload some grades automatically via the API, and would like to hide the grades automatically by default. In the previous Grade Book, I would do this using the "muted" attribute, which I understand has now been depreciated.


For individual submissions, I have tried changing the "posted_at" attribute to "". I have also tried to change the "post_manually" attribute to True for the assignment. However, none of these measures appear to work, and the grades always appear visible in grade book.


I'm using the canvasapi wrapper for Python ( My code for setting up the assignment is:


new_assignment = course.create_assignment({'name': config["AdjustedMark_Name"], 'notify_of_update': False, 'points_possible': config["RescaleTo"], 'description': 'This assignment is your Peer Mark for the team project.', 'published': True, 'post_manually': True, 'due_at': datetime.strftime(session["DueDate"], '%Y-%m-%dT23:59:59')})

I have noticed that the "post_manually" attribute does not appear to work. When I check the assignment it seems to be set to False.

My code for individual submissions is:


for submission in new_assignment.get_submissions():
   submission.edit(submission={'posted_grade': adj_score(ID), 'posted_at': "", 'submitted_at': datetime.strftime(submission_date(ID), '%Y-%m-%dT23:59:59')})

With the "posted_at" attribute, I have set it to "". However, this does not seem to work in terms of hiding the grade in the Grade Book. Do I need to set it to "null" or another value?