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Does the Update Scores button in Speedgrader affect the whole class?

Question asked by Heidi Terrill on Feb 26, 2020
Latest reply on Feb 26, 2020 by Kona Jones

I have a question about the "Update Scores" button and how it works with tests using a testbank...


had a test using a test bank that turned out to have some errors in it, plus some text entry answers that weren't "correct" but were close, so I wanted to add a point or two to some students' grades.  I went through each student test individually using speed grader, and put the adjusted points into the point box on each question.  At the end, I would click "Update Scores" thinking I was updating the score for that student.  Near the end of the 4th class - 20+ students per class - I noticed that some questions had the point values changed, even though I hadn't started grading...for example, a correct answer had 0 points.  An incorrect answer had 3 points...


Another teacher told me that the "Update points" button updates the point values for ALL students who answered that question from the testbank.  Which leads to my question:


Does the "Update Scores" button in Speedgrader update scores for all students who answered that question?  And if so, how do I use speed grader to grade tests individually? 


I was told that to correct a score, I would have to add fudge points.  To me, fudge points would be if I want to adjust the grade for every student, not correct the score of one student.  I would like to be able to change the score in the question box so I don't have to worry about remembering how many points were added/subtracted at the end.  I REALLY don't want changes made to one student's test applying to all students...


Would also be very helpful if there is a warning when a change will affect more than the one student whose assignment I'm that would stay up long enough that I can see it.