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grades and powerschool

Question asked by Molly Burton on Sep 11, 2015
Latest reply on Aug 27, 2016 by Lelac Almagor

I weight my grades.  I have two categories:  Assignments/quizzes and tests.  In powerschool every assignment and every quiz counts as 100 points and every test counts as 100 points.  I thought if I had Canvas calculate grades as percentages then it would go over to powerschool and work well with my 100 points.  It doesn't.  It goes in as whatever point value I gave it in Canvas, and for quizzes and tests you can't change the point value unless you add or take away questions.  Also, every time I post grades to powerschool it reposts ALL the grades.  So, here are my questions.

1) Is there any easy way to get the assignments, quizzes and tests to all be worth 100 points each in Canvas?

2) Is there a way to only post the grades for certain assignments so that if I can't get all the points to be 100 I can only post the grade to powerschool once and then go to powerschool and change the points to 100 and adjust the grades and then not have it mess up again when I post grades again from Canvas?