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Virus outbreak, school closure and Prepping

Discussion created by Chris giles Champion on Mar 4, 2020
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Hi everyone, with the "threat" of school closures due to the recent virus outbreak,  what are some ways your schools/districts are preparing for this. What are some ways they are preparing to move all learning online?


Our team is meeting today to discuss possibilities for online learning for our K12, 42,000 plus students and teachers. I would love to hear what others are doing and planning?


A few things:

  • Not all our teachers use Canvas or even Seesaw (k-5), so there is a lack of online learning/access in the classrooms that already exists.
  • We still have a large presence of teachers who do not use digital content (ie. ebooks, online texts, or PDFs) much of the learning is annolog. 


Any suggestions for quickly onboarding to a digital space for learning for these teachers?







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