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Measuring Student Happiness

Discussion created by Julian Ridden on Mar 18, 2020
Latest reply on May 20, 2020 by scottd@instructure.com

I was wondering what tools (if any) people are using to measure student happiness online.


Like everyone else, I am moving everyone online very suddenly thanks to CORVID. My hope was to have a popup on the frontpage asking users (teachers and students) to share how they are feeling with the typical "smiley face" options.


For example:


My intent is to use this data (along with usage data) to see how stress levels are fairing as we do the sudden transition and to use it as a barometer for other potential bigger issues.


Does anyone know tools that will do this? If so, what are you using?


Do you have other ideas?




P.S. I know I can send people to surveys, but really want a way to just pop this up on the dashboard to get it on the fly.  A better way to ensure more responses.