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Exporting Gradebook to a CSV file via any API

Question asked by Heberto del Rio on Mar 19, 2020
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I am sure this question has been asked many times, but it seems to me that the actual question is never answered, there is always another way to obtain the same information, but the question per se is not being answered. Without further adieu, here it goes.


How can be the gradebook be exported in order to generate a CSV file (probably compressed) using any type of API? I am not interested in getting the grades, which I know that can be done using the REST API, I am interested in generating the CSV that is obtained when you manually go into the gradebook and you choose to export it.


The reasons for the question is because I do maintain around 30 courses, but I do not have administrative privileges, I am a plain instructor in all the courses,  and I need to have a process in which I can backup all the grades in the gradebook for all of these courses. Certainly I can go one by one but it is far from ideal. Suppose that instead of 30 these were 100 courses.