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Identifying customers in LTI 1.3

Question asked by Orhun Karapinar on Mar 25, 2020

In LTI 1.1 we assign a client/secret for each customer. That way when a client sends a launch request(key/secret included) we are able to know which customer it is, because we map the key/secret to the customerID on our end.


For example;

      - Key: something / Secret: something_secret mapped to ->  CustomerID: 1 -> This is customer 1.


In LTI 1.3 there is no key/secret, so not sure what would be the correct attribute to track which customer send the request.

There is a deploymentID, but this comes with the launch. I need to know this attribute before the launch, so I could know which customer sends the request. And clientID is global in the learning platform.

Last thing in my mind is using a custom field but it doesn't feel like the right way to pass an information like consumer secret. I feel like there is a proper way to do it I am missing.