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How to embed code for captions on inserted video?

Question asked by Yee Mey Seah on Mar 28, 2020

I want to add captions to a video media file that I inserted in a Page. I uploaded both the .mp4 and the .vtt file to Files, then tried to add this tag to the embed code: <track src="/courses/0/files/0.vtt/download" kind="subtitles" srclang="en" label="English" />


Even though the 'CC' button shows up on the video, the captions don't show up after I click on it. Is my track source URL incorrect?


I've looked at this guide, and it doesn't apply because I used the "Insert/Edit Media" button, instead of "Record/Upload Media" so that I wouldn't get a thumbnail.


I've also looked at this other guide for external videos, but it also doesn't apply because it's not an external video.