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Analytics API - Data Query

Question asked by Courtney O'Sullivan on Mar 29, 2020
Latest reply on Apr 30, 2020 by James Jones


I am playing with the Analytics endpoints atm to build a student participation report and i am a bit flummoxed trying to work out what the difference between some of the values were as some were not what i was expecting based on what i see in the UI and i though who better to ask than the community.  


Take the below extract from a Student summary in a Course.


        "id": 3718,
        "page_views": 142,
        "max_page_views": 249,
        "page_views_level": 2,
        "participations": 4,
        "max_participations": 8,
        "participations_level": 3,
        "tardiness_breakdown": {
            "missing": 3,
            "late": 1,
            "on_time": 0,
            "floating": 5,
            "total": 9



I was wondering what the difference was between max_page_view and page_views?

And what the Page Views Level was ? It looks like it might be a ratio as 142/249 is around 0.57. So 2 would be 50%?

Would this be this students view's versus the rest of the course? What is the level based on?


Same with Participants. What is the difference between Participations and Max Particpations? 


Tardiness makes sense so far but curious what floating are? Assuming they are assignments that aren't due yet? 


Thanks in advance for any assistance,



Courtney O'Sullivan