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Sharing Multiple Video Files with Classes

Discussion created by Eon Mora on Mar 30, 2020
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I'm an instructor in the CTVA program for the Lighting 2 Studio, which collaborates with the Directing 2 class. 

Our next meeting will be our Critique Session where both classes will meet together on the same Zoom conference. The Directing students will be showing the latest cuts of the scenes (that the classes collaborated on) to everybody. 

It seems like the best way to do with remotely is to have the Directors upload their files to some sort of file share that everybody in both classes can have access to. Using the "Studio" platform in Canvas looks like it significantly compresses the files, and it doesn't seem possible to share the files across classes.


Do we have some sort of platform to act as a file share / transfer for larger video files? These will likely be large HD video files that take a lot of a storage, that will be uploaded directly by the students themselves and shared with all of us.